Black Trim

Most car owners have, at one time or another, been witness to the harmful effects that age and sunlight have on the many black trim pieces that car manufacturers insist on putting on our cars. The plastic turns gray or white and looks dull and faded. Many products like Black Again, Armor-All, Son of a Gun, or silicone treatments will restore the look of the plastic, but all become gray again within a few days. A product I have use with much success is Meguiar's Tire Gel. Although it too will fade in time, it seems to last longer than the other products.

Samir from the Lotus Mailing List decided to see if (ordinary cooking) peanut oil would work. According to him, it did: 

"Got rid of all the wax streaks on my Alfa rubber and plastic parts, and made them dark and shiny. I used it on the rubber bumpers, wipers plastic spoilers, door strips, some plastic trim inside, etc. Over a month now, and everything is still dark!" 

Elephants are often seen chasing Samir's car around town...


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