Change History Log

Version Date Changes
3.711 1/28/99 Added cool new "Lotus trails" javascript feature.
3.8 2/15/99 Added this log. Added sections on Sport350, production numbers, steering wheels, road wheels, glass roof, and headlights. Modified sections on 99MY V8, taillights, and tires.
3.801 2/23/99 Modified sections on taillights and road wheels.
3.9 3/4/99 Added or modified photo gallery sections to home page. S4s Gallery. SE Gallery. Esprit Gallery.
3.901 3/24/99 Added pictures of new Momo wheel to photo gallery sections of home page. S4s Gallery. 
3.902 4/4/99 Added a few more pics of the steering wheel replacement process. S4s Gallery. Also added information about bolt-circles to the road wheels section
4.0 8/12/99 Esprit Fact File now has its own domain. New frames ease navigation. Picture galleries are now easier to find.
4.5 2/11/00 New look to frames. New cover graphic with new custom wheels. New Javascript menu. New Opening Statement. New Sections Engine Stalling, steps to replacing clutch hose. Minor fixes and additions throughout.
4.55 4/28/00 Added Chapters for Technical Service Bulletins and Sponsors. Added sections on 2000MY Esprit, rusted fuel tanks, ECM-PC Interfacing, Mem-Cal S/W Upgrades, Esprit Internet Mailing Lists, and review of Vector M12.  Minor fixes and additions throughout.
4.6 3/15/01 Added section on 2001 Esprit. Added brief section with trivia about building an Esprit. Added production numbers for all V8's until 2000MY. Updated section on parts vendors. Added page with Tony Grasso's GM Multi-Port F.I. Cross-reference. Added 2 more pictures of my S4s (interior and wheel) to the S4s Gallery.
4.8 4/15/01 New sections for Procedures (thanks to Sanj.) and Videos (coming soon). New text on headlights. New text on Code 26 and the coolant light. Two new pics in the S4s Gallery. 
5.0 4/20/01 Added many reviews and clips to the Videos chapter.
5.1 5/1/01 Added transcript of Motorweek 1999 Review of the Esprit and added many new videos.
5.11 6/22/01 JAE agrees to become a sponsor for the EFF. Please support their business. Added Michael O'Sullivan's detailed procedure on Installing a BOV Valve. Added link to Jim Seippel's Timing Belt replacement procedure in Procedures chapter. Reorganized the three photo galleries under an Images chapter. Added Dave Hsu's Esprit Do's and Don'ts. Added Joe Martz's Code of Conduct.
5.5 10/15/01 Added FAQ chapter. LCU Customer Service. Added official Lotus changes to 99MY and Sport 350. Per the request of many readers, changed the color of hyperlinks to increase legibility. 2002MY Esprit. Oil Leaks. Water in spark plug wells. Water in Headlight Pod Buckets. Cracked exhaust manifolds. Griot's Garage oil extractor. Some of these topics will be fleshed-out more later. New parts sources added. 
5.6 10/20/01 Added an in-line discussion Forum through a collaboration with Dave Edmonston and the wonderful folks at Added more text to Tires topic. Minor fixes throughout.
5.7 12/20/01 Added in-line Classified and Price Guide sections through a collaboration with Dave Edmonston and the wonderful folks at Minor fixes throughout.
5.8 7/15/02 Added Esprit Registry Chapter, new 2002MY Text, USA Sales Numbers, Even More Articles, Very Special Web Sites, new Videos. Added Atwell's Spring Replacement procedure. Added a few more Videos. Modified Wheel Repair section. Added Leatherique as a sponsor to the EFF.
5.9 10/15/02 Added Dupont paint codes for Lotus paints, Oil filter section changes, Music videos, LOG Videos, and the new Goodyear Eagle F1 videos. New image galleries for repair of my clutch, 2002 trip to LCU, and downloadable wallpapers. Added Installing Air Horns procedure. Added Lotus History section. Added a VIN Decoder tool. Added Knucklehead Engineering as a sponsor to the EFF.
5.91 4/5/04 Just a small update so that I could add the review of John Roberts' 2002 Esprit on the BBC show Top Gear and info on the last Esprit production models. Also some notes on the future Esprit are included.
6.0 6/1/05 The Esprit Fact File has a whole new look. Changes too numerous to mention but make sure to check out the new Components, Troubleshooting, and Discussion Group sections.
6.0.1 6/3/05 Added a new Forum button to the top navigation menu to get quicker access to the forums.
6.0.2 6/5/05 Added parts cross-references as a separate topic group in the Support chapter.
6.0.3 6/7/05 Organized Components section alphabetically to make it easier to find topics. Added text and diagrams from Service Notes to sections on engine, suspension, tailgate, and others.
6.0.4 6/16/05 Added note about problems with Firefox browser. Made small changes to fix problems with banner, gradients, and menus displaying properly in Firefox, but collapsible menu at left still has issues with expanding and text alignment.
6.1.0 6/16/08 Finally fixed Firefox isses with the collapsible menu at left not expanding and text alignment. In this day of ever-larger computer monitors, the website no longer hogs the entire screen.
6.1.1 9/21/09 Added information about the opening of my new online store “prints karlfranz” which sells high-quality, limited edition prints in a variety of styles.