Esprit Collection Photo Gallery

These pictures were taken by me at several Lotus Owner's Gatherings in Atlanta, Georgia. using a Nikon N70 and a Quantaray 28-200mm zoom lens. Images were scanned using a Hewlett-Packard 30-bit scanner. Image enhancement was done using Adobe Photoshop.

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Black X180R at Road Atlanta during LOG16 
Blue 98MY V8 in hotel parking at LOG18 
ClayWidmann at Road Atlanta during LOG16 
Clay Widmann during LOG16 Autocross 
Dave LeFevers' S4s at LOG16 
KFM with Tim DeLisle's 88MY and the Cates-Bundy Racing Trailer 
Killer Bee getting prepped for its 140mph runs at Road Atlanta 
Killer Bee pulling out of pits at LOG18 
Closeup of Killer Bee's  wheels. Note cross-drilled rotors and huge AP Racing calipers 
Kyle Kaulback's X180R at Road Atlanta LOG18 
New 98MY V8's being prepped at LCU for delivery to dealers 
More 98MY V8's being prepped at LCU. Mustard Yellow must be popular. 
Esprit fuel tanks tend to leak as they age. Because of this,  LCU stocks many spares 
Knowing how much OZ wheels cost, there must be a small fortune on these LCU shelves. 
Front body shell at LCU that hopefully will never be needed by your Esprit 
People at hotel get ready for LOG18 Parade Lap at Road Atlanta 
Group B awaits its turn during LOG18 Track Day 
The rest of Group B during LOG18 Track Day 
Lotus tent at LOG18 
Lotus tent at LOG18 
97MY V8 at LOG16 Concours 
Closeup of 97MY V8 optional OZ 3-piece wheels 
Red SE with front canards at LOG16 
Tim DeLisle's 88MY in front of old LCU headquarters 
Tim and Mark pull into LOG16 Concours 
Zac Zarcadoolas' X180R Limited Edition at LOG16 Concours 
Lotus Sport X180R tearing down the track at Road Atlanta during LOG18 
Lotus Sport X180R being prepped for historic race at LOG18 
Mustard Yellow 98MY V8 at LOG18 Concours 
Norfolk Mustard S4 at LOG18 Track Day