Cooling Hose Cross-reference (4-cyl Esprits)

Lotus Part # Location Gates Part # Comments
A912E2017F Inlet manifold to water pump 20877 These two are hard to see and get to but can be replaced without removal of any components--inspection mirror will help
A912E1837F Elbow - cylinder head to thermostat housing


20388 or NAPA  # 7296
A082K4108F Radiator outlet bottom hose 21342 Cut and rejoin with 1 1/4 steel nipple. Use the rest of hose for radiator inlet hose
A082K4200F Radiator inlet hose from above
B082K4127K Elbow hose- return pipe to junction pipe 20949 Cut and discard unused portion
A082K4190F Water pump inlet Lotus Only $51.92 from Tingle's
A079P4056F Header tank feed hose 28470 Make this using the items shown.
B079P4057F Connector hose- header tank feed 28604 (connector) The connector is made by GATES for this specific purpose. It is composite and not metal like the LOTUS connector that it replaces.
28401 (5/8 heater hose)
(2) 16-25mm clamps
B912E1839F Thermostat housing to pipe 20841 Cut and use other section for outlet pipe to chassis pipe.
A082K4207K Outlet pipe to chassis pipe from above
A082K4115F Reducing hose 21638 Cut and discard unused portion
E075K0113Z Air bleed- outlet pipe to header tank 27002 You will need about 3 feet of this
A082K4221F Overflow header tank to expansion tank 27003 You will need about 12 feet of this. Will have to remove engine compartment window trim for routing.
A910E2379K Turbo to header tank 27057 This is high temp tranny cooler hose.
A910E2381K Cylinder head to "T" 28622 (connector) Connector makes sharp bend easier. Use zebra clamps on connector.
A910E2380K "T" to turbo inlet
A079P4056F Hose - to valve 28467 These are a real job to get done.I ended up splicing them to heater hose just after the hose comes thru the grommets at the front of the footwell. Perhaps the most difficult to replace on the entire car.
A079P4056F Hose- to matrix 28467
  28604 (connectors use two)
  28401 (5/8 hose)
A075P0189F Elbow hoses @ chassis pipes 20338 (need 2) NAPA #7296 will interchange
A079K4028F Heater return- chassis pipe to pump 28401 (5/8 hose)  
B079P4057F Heater feed - cylinder head to chassis pipe 28401 (5/8 hose) There are two of theseBO79P4057'S but this application can be made without the additional hose called for in the other.
28604 (connector)
2 clamps
A079P4142F Water valve to heater matrix 28468 This one is a real pain to get to!  Removing accelerator pedal for access helps.