Copyright Statement

Some explanation on using photo's or information found on the Esprit Fact File and on the Internet:

Every single page and all images on the KFM Industries and Esprit Fact File websites features the following note:

All information and images found on this site are copyright protected by their respective owners and are used for review
purpose only, Nothing found on this site may be reproduced in any form without prior consent from the actual owner.

The wallpaper section features a similar note on each screen resolution:

All wallpapers found on this site have been created by Karl-Franz Marquez unless stated otherwise. These are all copyright protected, reproduction in any form is not permitted without prior, written consent from KFM Industries.

If you want to use any material found on this site, you should first obtain the original copyright owner's permission, this copyright owner is mentioned in the caption of the photo, if no name is present it does not mean the photo isn't copyright protected, every single photo or piece of information is still copyright protected by US Federal and International law.

You should note that these days the image files on most websites have been digitally watermarked and actually contain copyright information, they can be traced to any website on the internet if needed in a legal confrontation.

When you do obtain the required, written permission, you should post a notice that proclaims that this specific photograph is used with the permission of the original copyright owner, and include a link to the original site where the photo was found if this is requested.

Say you would like to use one or more photo's featured on the KFM Industries or Esprit Fact File websites... this is possible by following these simple conditions:

  • If you want to use any photo or wallpaper on the KFM Industries or Esprit Fact File web server as your background image on your computer, please go ahead, this is why this collection has been created in the first place, also creating an archive on your personal computer is allowed, as long as you don't publish the files in any form, known or unknown.
  • Unfortunately I can only give permission to publish photo's that I took myself, I can't speak for the other photographer's whose photo's are presented on the KFM Industries or Esprit Fact File website, you should contact them directly for their personal permission. I would however like to know where the photo's end up, so please email me by clicking here before using any of the photos I've personally taken.
  • The website you want to use the photo on should be a non-commercial website, using any of the material found on the KFM Industries or Esprit Fact File websites for commercial purposes is NOT allowed.
  • The photo or wallpaper has to be used 'as is', this means no cropping or altering in any way, when you use the image on your own website, it must remain exactly the way it is available on the KFM Industries or Esprit Fact File websites.
  • You must include the original copyright owner, as mentioned in the caption of that specific photo on the KFM Industries or Esprit Fact File websites, on your website, also include the name Esprit Fact File and the url in this caption as the origin of this specific photo.
  • If your site features a 'links' section, you should include the Esprit Fact File website banner on this page, please use the banner found at the top of the Esprit Fact File website.
  • It is NOT allowed to link directly to the KFM Industries or Esprit Fact File websites server ! This means when you want to use a photo, wallpaper, screensaver or any other file from the KFM Industries or Esprit Fact File websites, you must first download it and publish it on your own web server when you receive the permission to do so. Linking is only allowed to the main page : or, not to any of the individual pages or files, bandwidth is expensive and limited.
  • The entire HTML coding of the KFM Industries and Esprit Fact File websites is fully copyrighted and may NOT be copied or reproduced in any way !

Under these simple conditions it is allowed to use a reasonable number of photo's found on the KFM Industries or Esprit Fact File websites, it is however NOT allowed to create a copy of the website on any other server or publish it in any other form, written or electronic.

If you still have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail by clicking
here, or take a look at the official US copyright page found at:

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