Esprits in Ads

The Esprit has been appearing in a few TV ads in the past few years. Here's a few of them you may have not seen before:


Tundra.wmv A few years ago Toyota put out an ad where they pitted a Tundra truck against an Esprit in a quarter mile. Although the yellow Esprit in the commercial looks like a 98MY V8, it is actually an SE that has been updated with the wheels and body parts off the newer car. If you look closely, you will notice the lip spoiler is also missing from the car. Windows Media Format (512kbps: 3.017MB)
Tbirb.wmv Although it makes an Esprit driver look like some kind of jerk, the ad for the new Thunderbird is entertaining and features the Esprit. Video quality is very poor - blame Ford! Windows Media Format (512kbps: 11.477MB)
Eagle F1 (wmv) This is the new ad for the Eagle F1 tire featuring Derek Bell driving in three different circuits with three different cars. One of them happens to be a gorgeous Azure Blue Esprit V8 Windows Media Format (512kbps: 3.046MB)
Brand Hatch (wmv) Ride with Derek Bell as he drives through the Brands Hatch Circuit in a beautiful Azure Blue Esprit V8 for the new Goodyear Eagle F1 tire ad campaign. Windows Media Format (512kbps: 6.734MB)