Esprit Racing

This footage is from the 1997 BPR Sportscar Series. This was a racing series that pitted the GT1 Esprit V8 against cars like the McLaren F1, Ferrari F40, and Porsche 911 GT1 in some of the best European tracks. Reliability problems plagued the Esprit during this series, but when they ran, they ran very well, often leading the pack on the track. 

Note: These videos are a Greenlight Television Production for Duke Video (copyright1998).


GT1-1.ASF Ride along with Jan Lammers in a lap around Anderstorp. High Resolution Format (512kbps: 8.641MB)
GT1Fire.ASF Ride with Mike Hezeman around the famous Nurburgring and see what happens when things get a little hot. High Resolution Format (512kbps: 10.421MB)