Exhaust Manifolds

Cracked Exhaust Manifolds

The exhaust manifold on the Esprit get extremely hot. In fact, it is not uncommon to see the manifold and the turbocharger glowing red hot after a spirited run. Just like throwing a hot glass casserole dish under cool running water, it is not uncommon for the Esprit's manifold to cracked; especially if its is constantly splash with water will hot. This one of the two reasons why an engine undertray is a needed part (the other being to keep stones and debris from going into the path of the timing belt). Many have tried to repair cracked manifolds in their car, only to have them crack again. Considering how difficult it is to remove the manifold with the engine in-situ, you are better off going through the expense of replacing it. Some companies are experimenting with aftermarket replacements, but so far nothing is proven. By the time the 4-cylinder production was done, Lotus was on its third revision of the manifold and these units seem much less susceptible to cracking. If you replace yours, make sure to ask if the new one is the latest revision.

Early Esprit V8 models also suffered from frequent cracked exhaust manifolds. Many of these were replaced by Lotus under warranty and for most people the problem has since gone away.

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Exhaust Bolts & Engine Mounts

What can I say? Keep an eye on them. Many an owner has complained about them falling off. It is more likely to happen on older, Giugiaro Esprits. Maybe they weren't torqued properly at the factory.

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