Florida Lotus Owners' Group

The group formerly known as the Sunshine State Lotus Club used to be very active with several planned outings and get-togethers throughout the year. However, with several of us now attending out-of-state functions and trips such as the Atlanta British Car Day, Lotus Owners, Gathering (LOG), Walter Mitty, and Atlanta Historic Races, we hadn't been as active locally anymore. After much persuasion from Lotus Limited president, Mark Pfeffer, we decided to reorganize and see if we can start getting some more events on the schedule. The first step towards this goal was that we decided to take over the Lotus Limited chapter for the North & Central Florida region and rename it the Florida Lotus Owners' Group (FLOG).

Several of us get together frequently to talk Lotus and just grab a bite to eat. Our local hangout is the shop of one of our members, Jim Knowles. Jim has a very nicely equipped shop with a 2-post lift and many tools so it makes it an ideal place not only to hang out, but also work on our cars.

Additionally, several of us also participate regularly in local exotic car shows for charity in the area. These include the Mount Dora Festival of Exotic Cars (no longer being held), the Winter Park Concours d'Elegance, the Celebration Exotic Car Show, and others. Many of these shows are judged events and some of our members are on the judging committees for all Lotus entries.

If you live  in the area or are just passing by and are interested in joining us for some conversation, work on your car, and just to have a good time, I encourage you to write us and we'll let you know the next time we get together. Send us your email address along with a brief note introducing yourself and we will add you to our mailing list. You can write to us here at the Esprit Fact File by clicking Here or directly to our FLOG mailbox by clicking Here.