If Looks Could Kill

Although it's kind of a cheesy, tongue-in-cheek movie, it is cool to see the Esprit again being used as a spy car with rocket launchers and bulletproof shields, etc. This movie wasn't very popular, but it's entertaining. 

The premise is that a high school student named Michael Corbin goes to France with his French class. Upon arrival he is confused by the good guys and the bad guys with a spy by the same name. The spy (supposedly on loan from the CIA to British Intelligence) is provided with all sorts of James Bond-like toys and sent on a mission to help thwart madman Steranko's plans for European domination.


Looks-1.ASF British Intelligence officials present Michael Corbin (Richard Grieco) with his new car. High Resolution Format (512kbps: 9.883MB)
Looks-2.ASF Michael Corbin is chased on the maiden voyage with his new Esprit. High Resolution Format (512kbps: 15.304MB)