Other Internet Sources

In addition to the Lotus Cars USA  and Lotus Cars UK web sites, there have been a growing number of sites that provide excellent Esprit information recently. I truly appreciate all the sites who have so kindly and graciously added links (and wonderful compliments) back to the Esprit Fact File. Out of all of these great sites   some, are worthy of special mention. I include them here in no particular order:


Kato's extremely well put together Lotus Esprit World has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Many consider it the ideal companion site to the Esprit Fact File. Read both of these sites completely and you will be a guaranteed Esprit guru. The site is well polished, with a slick look and tons of great content. I highly recommend it.
Johan Hybinette is of the undisputed kings of Esprit performance. His quest for speed has taken him to modifying cars, to building a competition race team (Hybimars), to designing, building and selling upgrade parts for Esprits. Most of the focus has been on the Esprit V8, but there's something for everyone here. If you have an Esprit V8, you might want to seriously consider getting Johan's race ECM upgrade.
PistonHeads is a wonderful source for news on Lotus cars as well as other British and European brands. They contribute the Classifieds, Price Guide, and Discussion Forums services to the Esprit Fact File but there is a lot more here than just that.
  My friend Ernie has an absolutely beautiful Azure Blue Esprit V8 and a beautiful web site to match. Here you can see lots of pretty pictures and videos of some of us FLOG (Florida Lotus Owners Group) members in many of our events and gatherings.
Where would we be without Andy Whittaker? This man took it upon himself to tackle the monumental task of writing a Windows-based PC software package to aid in diagnosing and repairing 4-cylinder Esprit problems. Then he had the audacity to provide it completely for free! FreeScan is the tool you want to use if you have a 4-pot Esprit and his site is where you can download it from.

Fellow car nut, driver, and friend Mark Pfeffer started MVP Track Time after attending other track days. The same fare of limited track time due to over-regulation, bad food, and some pompous attitudes drove him to develop a better mouse trap. MVP was created with sensible rules, affordable prices, good food, and a welcoming attitude, no matter what you drive.

Tony's Black89Lotus Page Tony wins the award for the most pristine Esprit on the face of the planet. His car is the epitome of cleanliness and perfection. When someone says you could eat off his engine, they aren't exaggerating. This man's obsession with maintaining the perfect Esprit is mind boggling and the quality of the work on his upgrades is second to none. His web site documents many of his improvements with many detailed pictures.
Keen Young's Lotus Page Keen single-handedly defied the laws of mathematics by proving that 1+1=1. He bought two wrecked Esprits and turned them into a perfect Esprit daily driver and autocross machine. His persistence after his many misfortunes with windshields only proved his determination to complete the job. Amazingly enough, once he was done he sold the car and is now in the process of resurrecting another Esprit.
Guy Therien's Lotus Page Guy took Keen's idea of resurrecting an Esprit and ran with it. Currently he has enough Esprit carcasses laying around to start his own factory or Esprit junk yard - depending on how you look at it. His site has lots of nice pictures documenting his progress.

If you know of an Esprit web site that is truly worthy of mention, send me an email so it may be considered for addition to this list.