James Bond

It is amazing how many current Esprit owners owe their Lotus passion to the James Bond series. For many, owning an Esprit is the fulfillment of a childhood dream that started when they first saw James Bond drive that beautiful new white wedge into the water where it quickly transformed into a submarine in The Spy Who Loved Me. The Esprit made a second appearance in the the next James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only. Putting the Esprit in these movies was, by far, the most forward-thinking marketing decision that Lotus has ever made. Who would've known that putting their car in a movie in the 1970's would translate into vehicle sales in the 90's and beyond?


Bond1.ASF Bond gets delivery of his new Esprit S1 from "Q". High Resolution Format (512kbps: 3.617MB)
Bond2.ASF Chase scene showcasing the hidden talents of the Esprit.. High Resolution Format (512kbps: 21.985MB)
Bond3.ASF Even underwater James Bond isn't safe from villains. High Resolution Format (512kbps: 15.265MB)