Other Lamps

Tail-lamp assemblies

As you already are probably aware, all Stevens Esprit from 1988 to 2001MY use tail lamp assemblies from a 1984/85 Toyota Corolla 3-door hatchback. The Toyota part numbers for these are:
  • LEFT 81561-1A240
  • RIGHT 81551-1A240

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LED replacement lamps
Several owners have replaced the interior and/or exterior lamps with new LED equivalents and this might not be a bad idea. Standard filament lamps have a very high current draw. This means they can run down your battery if left on very long. A common way this occurs is if you leave the tailgate or bonnet open for an extended period of time (like in a car show) in an S4 or newer Esprit. Doing so causes the lights in the boot, front luggage compartment and cabin to remain lit. If you are going to have the bonnet or boot open for an extended period of time, I recommend that you temporarily unplug the connector to the plunger switch that controls the lights in these cars.

If you replace the lights with LED units, you must be aware of one possible side effect. The reduced current draw on these units can create problems in your electrical system. One common occurrence is for the ABS or SRS airbag tell-tale lights to illuminate or flash unexpectedly. The way to get around this problem is to make sure to install load-balancing resistors in line with the new LED lamps. This fools the car's electrics into thinking it has the same electrical load as with the standard filament lamps.

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