Walter Mitty Historic Races 2005 Gallery

The following pictures were provided by Brian Skeoch of the 2005 Walter Mitty Historic Races held every Spring at Road Atlanta, Georgia. This year, Jaime Goffaux from Yesteryear Motorsports brought two of the six Esprit X180 racecars that were used to win the championship in the early 1990's. Champion Lotus driver legend Doc Bundy was at hand to drive the car for parade laps. Also in attendance was our very dear friend and ex-CEO of Lotus Cars USA, Arnie Johnson. Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of the pictures. 

DSCI0016 DSCI0017 DSCI0018 DSCI0020 DSCI0021 DSCI0022 DSCI0023 DSCI0024
DSCI0016.jpg DSCI0017.jpg DSCI0018.jpg DSCI0020.jpg DSCI0021.jpg DSCI0022.jpg DSCI0023.jpg DSCI0024.jpg
DSCI0026 DSCI0027 DSCI0028 DSCI0029 DSCI0030 DSCI0031 DSCI0032 DSCI0033
DSCI0026.jpg DSCI0027.jpg DSCI0028.jpg DSCI0029.jpg DSCI0030.jpg DSCI0031.jpg DSCI0032.jpg DSCI0033.jpg
DSCI0034 DSCI0035 DSCI0038 DSCI0039 DSCI0040 DSCI0041 DSCI0042 DSCI0043
DSCI0034.jpg DSCI0035.jpg DSCI0038.jpg DSCI0039.jpg DSCI0040.jpg DSCI0041.jpg DSCI0042.jpg DSCI0043.jpg
DSCI0044 DSCI0045 DSCI0046 DSCI0047 DSCI0048 DSCI0049 DSCI0050 DSCI0052
DSCI0044.jpg DSCI0045.jpg DSCI0046.jpg DSCI0047.jpg DSCI0048.jpg DSCI0049.jpg DSCI0050.jpg DSCI0052.jpg
DSCI0053 DSCI0054 DSCI0055 DSCI0056 DSCI0057 DSCI0058 DSCI0059 DSCI0060
DSCI0053.jpg DSCI0054.jpg DSCI0055.jpg DSCI0056.jpg DSCI0057.jpg DSCI0058.jpg DSCI0059.jpg DSCI0060.jpg
DSCI0061 DSCI0062 DSCI0063 DSCI0064 DSCI0065 DSCI0066 DSCI0067 DSCI0068
DSCI0061.jpg DSCI0062.jpg DSCI0063.jpg DSCI0064.jpg DSCI0065.jpg DSCI0066.jpg DSCI0067.jpg DSCI0068.jpg
DSCI0069 DSCI0070 DSCI0071 DSCI0072 DSCI0073 DSCI0074 DSCI0075  
DSCI0069.jpg DSCI0070.jpg DSCI0071.jpg DSCI0072.jpg DSCI0073.jpg DSCI0074.jpg DSCI0075.jpg