Motor Trend

The Esprit is put up against some very worthy competitors for Motor Trend's "Viva Velocity" special. It's so refreshing to see these people review a Lotus car. Editor in Chief C. Van Tune always strikes me as a genuine car nut and a quite the Lotus fan. Car and Driver should take a tip from these guys. This is a three part special. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


MT1-low.ASF Part 1 Low Resolution Format (58kbps: 1.273MB)
MT1-med.ASF Part 1 Medium Resolution Format (256kbps: 9.334MB)
MT2-low.ASF Part 2 Low Resolution Format (58kbps: 1.639MB)
MT2-med.ASF Part 2 Medium Resolution Format (256kbps: 12.022MB)
MT3-low.ASF Part 3 Low Resolution Format (58kbps: 1.080MB)
MT3-med.ASF Part 3 Medium Resolution Format (256kbps: 7.903MB)