Motorweek Reviews

I've always enjoyed and respected Motorweek Television from its days on PBS to the new shows on SpeedTV. The are always entertaining and informative. Check out there show if you get a chance.


See and hear what the Motorweek staff have to say about the (then) newly released 1995 Esprit S4s. 
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I've had the transcript to this Motorweek review in the Articles chapter of the Esprit Fact File almost since the beginning. Now you get to see the video. As a special treat, it also includes a review of the Elise.

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In these videos Motorweek reviews the 99MY Esprit V8. I think these guys genuinely like Lotus cars and I think LCU really likes them because the keep giving the keys to other cars. This one also includes a review of the Elise Sport 190. For a transcript of this review click here.

99v8-low.asf Low Resolution Format (58kbps: 1.232MB)
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