Oil Filters

It seems everybody is looking for substitute oil and/or air filters for the Esprit. My recommendation for an oil filter is that you call Jeff at JAE and get the Crosland filter. Crosland makes the filters for Lotus so essentially you get the same product except that it is painted green instead of white and it doesn't say Lotus on the side. You'll save a bit of money and your car will get the filter it deserves. Remember, your engine costs more than $40,000US. Why put a cheap filter in and risk damage. Pay now or pay later. Note that this is the same reasoning why I only put Mobil-1 oil in my Esprits.

If you insist on going a different route, here's what some others have suggested:

Ed Young: 

On my '88 Esprit I use a Wix 51307 in place of the Lotus B907E6000F. For a while I was using a Wix 51348, which is a smaller (in diameter) size. It can be easier to access than the normal size filter. Write these numbers down, they can be "crossed" to whatever brand your local store carries.

Both of these filters have the all important anti-drainback valves and specifications for by-pass pressures are the same as for the filters that are listed for earlier Lotuses. In addition, the 51307 filter is a direct cross from a filter that was supplied to a friend from a Lotus supplier.

I have seen many filters cut apart and feel confident enough to use the Wix or Hastings filters. Seeing the inside of a Fram filter did not inspire any confidence. 

Please note that the Lotus A907E6000 and B907E6000  filters have been superseded with C907E6000, which is labeled for use on 2.0 l, 2.2 l, and 3.5 l (V8) engines.

Atwell Haines: 

The following oil filters can be used on Esprits:

Lotus     A907E6000W  Early Esprits
Lotus     B907E6000W  All Esprits (3mm shorter than the A filter)
Lotus     C907E6000W  All Esprits
Fram      FR16
Purolator PER16       Verified for early cars only
Purolator L10241
Unipart   GRE121      All
Wix       51307       All
Mobil-1	  1-203       All

Sigurd Enoksen: 

"I have done a little research on the oil-filters. Fram has an oil filter PH16 that is recommended for full size Dodge Ram pickups and Volvo gasoline engines (post 1966) among others. It should fit the Esprit and should have an anti flow back valve, but I am not 100 % sure."

"Purolator have one filter L10017 that fits the Ram pickups and also does have an anti flow back valve for sure. They also sell this filter to Quaker State under the #QS16. It'll fit the Esprit. Purolator also make a filter L10018 that fits the Volvo gas engines. It also has an anti back flow valve for sure. At Quaker State this filter is called QS 7328. It also fits the Esprit. Both the L10018 and the L10017 are very similar. One is slightly shorter than the other. Purolator says they cannot recommend interchanging them. But I figure that would be O.K. since Fram only makes one to fit both vehicles (Volvo and Ram)." 

Apparently you can also use K&N's oil filter part number: Part # HP2004.


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