Paint Cleaning

When my SE sat in the shop for a few months (ECM know the story), it was uncovered for at least half of the time. During that time, my beautiful Monaco White paint finish managed to get some tiny, microscopic black particles embedded in it. Most likely, they were brake dust or something similar. The problem is that they became fused to the paint job. You couldn't see them from more than a distance of 1 or 2 feet, but if you ran your hand over the finish, it felt gritty.

I tried using many different cleaners without much success. If I used a highly abrasive rubbing or polishing compound, they would finally come off after a lot of scrubbing. The only problem is that then I had to follow that with an application of Meguiars #2 Fine Cut to remove the surface scratches left by the compound. This can't be good for the finish, I thought.

Then, somebody on this list mentioned that they had some success with a product called Clay Magic. I bought some from Pep Boys. It was amazing! What took major amounts of force and scrubbing to remove came off with relatively light pressure.

I started off by removing my roof panel, bringing it into the house and working on it while I watched television. Later, when I was cleaning the rest of the car, I put the bottle of wetting agent that comes with the product on the roof panel, which was back on the car, and it started sliding right off! The car wasn't at an incline and the roof panel barely has an angle from horizontal. I was impressed!

What I liked the most was that, although the product was removing the same stuff that the compounds could, it was a much kinder, gentler, easier process. I must admit that at first I was a bit skeptical and even cautious about rubbing clay over my car. I'm a believer now. If anyone ever has similar problems, give this product a try.

BTW: This is an honest product endorsement. I have no connection with the product's maker or anything. OK?
Many other companies are now making their versions of clay bar products. The version I am using now is from Griots' Garage.

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