Pedal Box
Limited Legroom

Legroom on the Esprit is very limited. To help alleviate the problem, you can attempt the following:
On the floor there is a throttle stop, that is the first step. Remove it. Replace it with a flat piece of aluminum glued or otherwise fastened to the floor. This will keep the throttle stop bolt from punching a hole though the floor board.

Next, peel back the carpet and loosen the throttle cable hold down and pull/slide it towards the front of the car. (It probably would be a good idea to loosen the adjustment in the engine bay to give you as much slack as possible.) Now it's just a simple adjustment procedure to make sure the throttle stop bolt located on the accelerator pedal hit the floor at the right "time" to avoid straining the cable. You may need to put a different length bolt on the accelerator pedal as well to make it work out right.