Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman did for women in the 1990's what James Bond did for men in the 1970's - it brought awareness and brand-recognition to the Lotus marque. Until this movie came out, many women did not know what a Lotus Esprit was. Putting this car in a romantic comedy solved that problem. In fact, many women refer to the Esprit as "The Pretty Woman Car".  This movie also helped introduce most of the world to the Steven's body-styled Esprit which until that point were mostly aware of the Giugiaro Esprit of the James Bond days.


Pretty-1.ASF Intro sequence where Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) borrows Phil Stuckey's (Jason Alexander's) Esprit. High Resolution Format (512kbps: 3.797MB)
Pretty-2.ASF Edward Lewis meets Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts). High Resolution Format (512kbps: 13.102MB)