Rear Suspension

The fully independent rear suspension uses, on each side, a tapered box section trailing radius arm, in conjunction with single tubular top and bottom transverse links and a concentric coil spring/damper unit. A cast alloy hub carrier houses a 'bolt on', double row, ball type hub bearing to support the steel hub and outboard driveshaft, and provides mounting points for the disc brake caliper and wheel speed sensor. The spring/ damper unit is overhung from the bottom rear of the hub carrier, sharing the lower link pivot stud. The fabricated steel radius arm is bolted rigidly to the hub carrier via four lugs in order to resist the driveshaft and brake torque loads, control the steer alignment, and transmit the thrust loads into the chassis and via a bonded rubber pivot bush, at the side of the engine bay. Wheel alignment is adjusted by shimming at this pivot bush, with camber adjustment facilitated by an adjustable length top link. Replaceable bonded rubber pivot bushes are used in both top and bottom links.