Esprit S2
1978 to 1981MY

Specification same as for Esprit S1 except for:

Original price: (August 1978) 11,124 including taxes.

Externally, the sharp-edged lines of the the Esprit S2 were much the same as before, but some useful modifications had taken place.

The front spoiler dropped the blade principle and wrapped around the under-bumper area instead. That was the reason why the company quoted the best original Esprit aerodynamic Cd factor on record: 0.335. The top speed claim remained at 138mph , but the most noticeable driving change was cross-wind stability enhanced by the integrated front spoiler.

More 'air management' had been applied to the engine bay. A set of 'ears' sprouted around the side rear windows. They collected the air-stream for diversion to the engine induction. The battery was moved from its S1 cabin location into 'the floor of the boot'.

Aside from the aerodynamic changes, the most striking external alterations came from the fitment of Speedline alloy wheels. The new wheels were designed by Lotus at the personal behest of Colin Chapman. Other external changes included the use of black chip-resistant paint treatment to the spoiler, sills and rear valance. Remote control door mirrors where also introduced.

From the rear, a most notable alteration was the incorporation of ridged Rover 3500 tail lamps, which encompassed high-intensity fog warning lamps. Major Interior updates included, new black & white dials, oil pressure, battery volt, water temperature and fuel tank gauges. Switchgear was updated to include individual graphics, illuminated via fiber optics.

Electric windows switches moved and a digital clock appeared. The seats became 2in wider, access to the engine bay was considerably improved. The engine cover was re-designed, with a Britool tool kit, wheel brace and jack on top, and there was also an access hatch for oil and water checks towards the rear of the cover.

The S2 also had a incorporate the air-intake system for the carburetors, whilst hot air from the engine bay was extracted thermally to exit via the right-hand external 'ear'. The S2 was primarily a machine of greater creature comfort, rather than of improved performance. Made between 1978 and 1981, 1,061 S2s rolled of the production line (only 33 during 1980-81).