Esprit S4
1992 to 1995MY

In the 1993MY, the interior of the SE was redesigned to make the cabin a little roomier. This interior was also to become the interior of the new Esprit S4 in the 1994MY. In that year, the rounded exterior of the Peter Stevens' Esprit became rounded even further. This redesign was masterfully done by Julian Thompson, who later went on to design the famous Elise Roadster.

The most significant change was the redesign of the rear spoiler, which was smaller and mounted halfway up the rear of the hatch or decklid. This improved rearward visibility by moving the spoiler out of the line of sight of the rear view mirror, but it also gave the Esprit an awkward look from certain angles. The other major exterior changes introduced with the S4 were to the front and rear bumpers and valance panels and to the side skirts, which now featured conical-shaped intakes. The Esprit also received beautiful new 5 spoke alloy wheels and power steering this year. Horsepower for the S4 remained at 264 hp.


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