Esprit S4s Photo Gallery

These are pictures of my Esprit S4s that I have taken at several locations including the Brevard County Government Center in Melbourne, Florida and Road Atlanta racetrack in Braselton, Georgia. 

Pictures were taken with the following equipment:

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Side view at Government Center 
Closeup of Lotus Design S4s OZ 1-piece wheel 
Rear view 
Front View 
Side view 
3/4 rear view 
Side view at Government Center 
Side view by fountain 
Interior of S4s in Raven with yellow seat piping 
KFM S4s at home 
KFM in S4s trying to chase down Mark in his Elise Sport during LOG18 Track Day 
KFM in pits during LOG18 Track Day 
KFM in pits during LOG18 Track Day 
KFM S4s after its weekly bath 
KFM S4s being loaded onto flatbed for bi-yearly 350 mile pilgrimage to Jax for maintenance 
It takes almost one hour to load the KFM S4s onto the flatbed 
KFM S4s on track during LOG18 
KFM S4s pulling out of the pits with Tim DeLisle as passenger 
KFM S4s takes a breather while Phil's car get's his clutch and timing belt checked 
 Pit stop on the caravan to LOG18 with KFM, Tim, Mark, Ron and Denise 
 KFM S4s passenger door with leather trim removed 
 View of gearbox and suspension of KFM S4s with exhaust removed 
 KFM S4s seat and cushion pad which should be removed for more headroom 
 The awesome KFM S4s Lotus Sport 300HP 2.2 liter power plant 
 CBR Dual Outlet Sport Exhaust 
New European Momo  steering wheel installed. Sorry for the flash glare 
Another view of the new Momo wheel that replaced the ugly GM airbag unit 
 Removing the GM airbag unit  from the wheel is a scary and dangerous process 
View with the steering wheel and rotary connector removed 
My home-made adapter to prevent the SIR light from coming on 
A side-by-side view of the two steering wheels 

Better view of the S4s interior

Closeup of my custom-built 3-piece wheels

1/4 front view with new wheels

Side view with new wheels