1992 to 1995MY

This is the hot-rod, 300-hp, race-ready version of the X180 racecar. Think of it as an Esprit Turbo SE on steroids. One of its most distinguishing characteristics is its bold wheel arches to help cover its massive rubber. It had 245mm wide tires in front and 315 in the rear - bigger than any other production Esprit ever. It was also the first Esprit to use the popular Hoop style wing that is a favorite of many Esprit fans.

The Sport 300 is one of the few rare collectible Esprits that hold its value quite well. A total of 64 of them were built. However, the car is no legal for use in the USA, so don't even think about it. But just in case you're curious, refer to the detailed changes section to see what it included in this spectacular specimen.