Engine will not rotate when attempting to start

 Engine rotates but will not start

 Engine hard to start when cold

 Engine hard to start when hot

 Starter motor noisy or excessively rough in engagement

 Engine starts but stops immediately

 Oil puddle under engine

 Engine lopes while idling or idles erratically

 Engine misses at idle speed

 Engine misses throughout driving speed range

 Engine stumbles on acceleration

 Engine surges while holding accelerator steady

 Engine stalls

Engine lacks power

Engine backfires

Pinging or knocking engine sounds during acceleration or uphill

Engine runs with oil pressure light on

Engine diesels (continues to run) after switching off


Engine Electrical System

Battery will not hold a charge

Alternator light fails to go out (not available in all Esprit models)


Fuel System

Excessive fuel consumption

Fuel leakage and/or fuel odor


Cooling System



External coolant leakage

Internal coolant leakage

Coolant loss

Poor coolant circulation



Pedal travels to floor - no pressure or very little resistance

Fluid in area of master cylinder dust cover and on pedal

Fluid on slave cylinder

Pedal feels spongy when depressed

Unable to select gears

Clutch slips (engine speed Increases with no increase in vehicle speed)

Grabbing (chattering) as clutch is engaged

Transaxle rattling (clicking)

Noise in clutch area

Clutch pedal stays on floor

High pedal effort



Knocking noise at low speeds

Noise most pronounced when turning

Clunk on acceleration or deceleration

Clicking noise in turns


Noisy in neutral with engine running

Noisy in one particular gear

Noisy in all gears

Slips out of gear

Leaks lubricant

Locked in gear

Fluid leakage

Transaxle fluid brown or has a burned smell

Clicking noise in turns

Shudder or vibration during acceleration

Vibration at highway speeds



Note: Before assuming that a brake problem exists, make sure that:

Vehicle pulls to one side during braking

Noise (high-pitched squeal when the brakes are applied)

Brake roughness or chatter (pedal pulsates)

Excessive brake pedal effort required to stop vehicle

Excessive brake pedal travel

Dragging brakes

Grabbing or uneven braking action

Brake pedal feels spongy when depressed

Brake pedal travels to the floor with little resistance

Parking brake does not hold


Suspension and Steering Systems

 Note: Before attempting to diagnose the suspension and steering systems, perform the following preliminary checks:

Vehicle pulls to one side

Abnormal or excessive tire wear

Wheel makes a thumping noise

Shimmy, shake or vibration

Hard steering

Poor returnability of steering to center

Abnormal noise at the front end

Wander or poor steering stability

Erratic steering when braking

Excessive pitching and/or rolling around corners or during braking

Suspension bottoms

Cupped tires

Excessive tire wear on outside

Excessive tire wear on inside edge

Tire tread worn in one place

Excessive play or looseness in steering system

Rattling or clicking noise in