Cracked & Peeling Quarter Window Trim

In older Stevens Esprits, the black trim along the border of the rear quarter window has a tendency to peel when the window isn't sealed properly and is exposed to the sun. Unfortunately, once the damage is done, there's not a lot that can be done about this. When it gets bad enough, you will have to remove the windows and re-apply new trim. The windows are glued in place using Betaseal, so this is usually best left to a professional. If you feel like tackling the job, however, Lotus does sell a repair kit that is available from your friendly dealer.

If you do the repair, you will notice that only the top, bottom and trailing edges of the trim actually peel away while the leading edge stays intact. This is because the leading edge is actually treated differently than the remaining three sides. Why this was so, nobody really seems to know. However, on newer cars, all side of the black trim are of the more resilient type and should not peel. In fact, if you choose, you can replace the quarter windows once they start to peel with newer windows from your Lotus dealer and never have to deal with this issue again.

An important note, if your window trim is pealing, read the topic below about rusted fuel tanks

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Crawling Windows

As your Esprit ages, you may find that the windows seem to crawl slowly up or down when you press the window switch. This may be caused by a defective window motor or switch as discussed in that section of the Esprit Fact File. However, it may also be caused by two other factors:
  1. A bent window frame or frame out of alignment may be causing the glass to bind on its travel. This will require adjustment by removing the door trim to access the adjustment points. To avoid the potential for this occurring, avoid getting into the habit of closing the door by pushing on the window frame itself. Use the door body to close the door.
  2. The window track may need lubrication. Spray a dry lubricant into the felt-lined slot of the window track to help the window smoothly travel up and down.

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